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these arabs will soon be ****ed off when they realize they don't own utd as well,they probably think they own the city of manchester not realizing its the name of the stadium.robiniho will soon be a hasbeeniho and we will buy him next summer in the cut price sale.:D

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City chief is new Red Rom
Al-Fahim outlines ambitious plans for Blues,19528,11661_4085154,00.html

The new owner of Manchester City, Dr Sulaiman Al-Fahim, expects to have the same impact in England as Roman Abramovich.

Russian billionaire Abramovich took charge of Chelsea in 2003, bankrolling the Blues to consecutive Premier League titles, a Carling Cup and an FA Cup.

However, the millions spent at Stamford Bridge could pale into insignificance if City's owner lives up to his promises.

Believed to be up to ten times richer than his counterpart at Chelsea, Al-Fahim insists funds will be made available to Mark Hughes to bring the club alongside Europe's elite.


"We would like to see Manchester City fighting for trophies in every tournament," he said.

"We don't just want Manchester City to be challenging for trophies in England, but also in the Champions League.

"We want them to be in for every trophy available."


City have started the season in impressive fashion, currently sitting third in the table, while they also broke the British transfer record on Monday when they signed Brazil international Robinho from Real Madrid.

The ultimate aim is to book a place in the UEFA Champions League, but Al-Fahim accepts that may take time.

"A place in the Champions League is quite a jump from last season, but we are ready to sit down with the manager, find out the players he would like, and bring the right players into the club," Al-Fahim added.

"This season we would like to be a lot better than last season, and we are eager for trophies next season."


Al-Fahim had previously been linked with takeovers of Liverpool, Arsenal and Newcastle, but it is City who are set to benefit from his considerable financial resources.

Good times could be heading to Eastlands sooner than expected as the Dubai businessman admits he tends to get what he wants.

"I always feel like I'm a kind of bulldozer, a full insured bulldozer," he added in The Sun.

"If nobody likes it, it starts moving - even if there are cars in its way, it has to crush the cars and move. I can't stop. If I have an idea, I have to do it."

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the thing that worries me the most, is that they seem to have no understanding of the value of money.
they bid 35m euros and real madrid said 40, in the same call they just said ok then 40m.
i think it's even worse than chelsea. and i think that robinho and jo are the gateway to more top players, especially if city do well.

NOT written by me but a very good sumary which is probably echoed
in thousands of minds.

Has anyone ever witnessed a more rapid abandonment of principles than that shown by City fans this week?

For years they have banged on about being the people's club; a football club that is still a football club as opposed to an organisation obsessed with money; supporters who were in it for the love of the club, the love of the game; 30 years and we're still here; the true Manchester club; ‘This is our city' and all that nonsense. An entire generation of fans who have built their identity purely on being whatever United are not.

And what were United? A greedy, rich club that bought success with its vast wealth. Wealth which came before all else, acquired through disgraceful commercialism and a soulless disregard for the beautiful game. Fans who cared only about trophies and expensive signings, and who understood nothing of what it meant to be a true football fan - a City fan for example.

But this is the United whose fans at least cared about retaining its identity as a Mancunian football club. When foreign owners with the wrong motives came sniffing round Manchester United, we fought and fought and fought to keep them away. We used every means legal, and some illegal ones too. We mobilised, we collected, we protested, we campaigned, we lobbied, we vandalised, we wrote, we phoned, we emailed, we rallied, we marched, we flash-mobbed, we rioted. We made it impossible for them to visit Manchester peacefully. And the loss of our club to people who didn't give a toss about its identity and traditions meant so much that some of us walked away altogether. Home and awayers with decades of fanaticism to their names had decided that forming a new club, with the incredible effort that entailed, was the only alternative to seeing their club used as some egotistical *******'s plaything.

Contrast this with 1st September 2008. The only sound you could hear that day was that of 100,000 zips being simultaneously lowered as the blue quarter of Manchester collectively dropped its trousers and bent over, willing to be shamelessly violated by some slimy rich man's ****. Not a shred of pride, not a moment's defence of their supposedly salt of the earth club; just a panting mass, all ready to be anybody's bitch in exchange for money with which they can buy success.

There really is only one true football club in Manchester, and it's not Manchester City



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Battle of the billionaires takes up positions on Europe's football fields

LONDON -- It must be some comfort for white van man, the archetypal English working-class football-obsessed male, that some of the cash that disappears into his tank is now heading back home. A Gulf Arab tycoon has just agreed to buy Manchester City, the Premier League football club, sister to the more prestigious Manchester United, for almost £200-million ($376.7-million).

Much better, Sulaiman al-Fahim, the Emirates property developer who is fronting the bid by Abu Dhabi United Group, has promised a colossal investment in new players that he suggests could reach hundreds of millions of pounds.......
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