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For the record, Chelsea started out with a stronger squad on paper.

Fortunately, Scolari's mis-management and Roman needing to sell some players has levelled things out.

Also, who could have foretold the progress of the da Silva's twins and the confidence of Welbeck?

I want to give my take on how United turned things around though.

Without going into tactics and Fergie's management I think we have to thank a few individual performances for our current position:

- Giggsy flourishing in the middle of the Park. Wanna to mention here that -zuco- and I noticed early on that he was doing well in that role when others were slating and hating. Giggs has been a revelation in his new central midfield role

- Jonny Evans. What potential! Ferdinand and Evra both missed games, but this young man has helped to keep the defence tighter than a Chinese virgin.

- Berbatov. In the absence of a box-to-box midfielder or a creative midfielder, this man has made things happen.

In the modern era, it's all about the strength of your squad and once again, Fergie gets to take credit for overseeing everything. We cannot count our chickens yet by any means, but Fergie's confidence in playing Jonny Evans, converting Ryan Giggs' position and purchasing Berbatov have been master strokes.
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