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Man Of The Match

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Right, i wanna hear who people think is the man of the match in the mn utd vs everton game .
no matter which team id still like to hear...............

i honestly never saw the game because i was working but ill catch up on it later and let you guys know what i think.:)
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rooneyNo10 said:
For me it was nani (for the short time he was on) because again his corners are awesome and provided the goal, its 1 goal 2 assists in 3 games he is brilliant, we should have started saha, but we obviously didn't because of the champions league. So it will be rooney and saha, or tevez and saha to start the champions league game with either tevez or rooney on the bench! I hope nani starts against sporting, i'm sure he will ;)
hmmm, Nani was a sub who was subbed. The only thing of note he did in the whole time he was on was take one good corner.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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