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why should we care if anyone likes us or not ?

when they start liking us then we need to worry as we will be losing a lot .

these polls always had liverpool most hated in seventies and eighties

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Keano! said:
Its just because we're so successful!

Loads of ABU's are around mainly because of the teams dominence and Fergie...:rolleyes:

Loosers! :eek: :p
One O in Losers!
There's only one O in loooooooooooosers.
There's only one O in loooosers.

Get my drift? I even wrote a song!:p

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It's not always jealousy. I was reading an opinion that said it's just that the majority of our fan base are not local.

In other words true fans, of any club, always look down upon people who support Man Utd but aren't from anywhere near Manchester.

They say that we, I'm from Sydney, simply choose Man Utd because of trophies rather than a sense of local pride & tradition.

Personally I choose Man Utd because when I started really watching football certain teams made me actually feel something.

When I watched Man Utd play I felt excited I genuinely enjoyed every match they played. So that's how it started.

As for Leeds I'm amazed that both Leeds & Man Utd came in above Chelsea. How can people hate us more than Chelsea?

Second ??? Second ?? What sort of place is that ??

If United can't get top of the table that's crap.

40 years i've been supporting United and i've never felt so ashamed in my life.

How can i face any of my bitter mates tomorrow ? They are well going to take the
**** that we can't even be number one.

That's it...I've had enough of this crap club.

I'm off to support the Lids( if i can find an extra finger for each hand and a sheep ),
i'm only here for the glory and second
place aint good enough.

Sack the board....Fergie OUT !!! Burn Old Trafford !!

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When people start hating you, you know you are doing something right.

We are the Kings of Europe after all!

I would have loved it if we were the number one team in this category.We also have the largest fan base too. F**k off all rivals! We are the champions!
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