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Man United Opus: Charlton on Edwards

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The Man United Opus has over 800 pages, weighs 37kg and measures half-a-metre square.

The following is an extract from page 115 of the Man United Opus...

...he was just 16 and never for one moment looked out of place; his pace, his balance, the ferocity of his tackling intimidated the life out of his opponents. In an era when the ball had the weight and consistency of a dumbbell, he could head it further than many could kick it. But he would caress the thing too, possessing a length of pass considered unfeasible, his crossfield balls in the Cruyff class. And he could play anywhere: an unstoppable centre-forward, a brick wall of a centre-half, a stirring cental midfielder as creative as he was destructive. He was a full International at 18, dominating the games he played in, intimidating opponents with the sheer scale of his physique. By the time he was 21 he had accumulated more silverware than most players earn in a lifetime: two championship medals, 15 full England caps, an FA Cup runners-up medal and three FA Youth Cup winners' medals.

The best player I've ever seen, the best player I've ever played with for United or England, that only player who ever made me feel inferior.

Sir Bobby Charlton

I wish I'd seen Edwards play. The guy sounds absolutely phenomenal.
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Fergie 4EVER :) !

Sir Alex himself has said that he is healthy and fit, so, as long as he stays that way, should he remain at United. He has been able to change the team, once again, from a slow-tempo short-pass(dull) -team to a high-speed, creative, entertaining and succesful machine ;) If SAF stays healthy, it's not impossible for him to stay at United for ten more years! Mayde we should freeze him and put him on the bench, that would scare the heck out of the visitors :D :eek:
We'll see...
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