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been thinkin, anybody who goes to old trafford and sits on the top tiers, get flag and banner makin, all u need is a paint, a brush, a creative mind to come up with something witty and cool to put on it(i think all this anti glazer stuffs past and so is dwelling on the best and law era), the use of someones artistic fingers and a piece of material-duvet cover, curtain, blanket, or if youve got the money, go to a cheap ass shop and ask for some heavy material, wont cost u more than a tenner for a decent sized bit. theres so much space to drape a banner, especially around the new quadrants, and nobodys goin to nick it if u remember where you draped it, and if they do, punch them in the nose, thats robbery. its so important that old trafford becomes a fortress as next season is goin to be really tough. any designs or ideas post here, go all out with photoshop if u want, microsoft paint will do the job. old trafford isnt going anywhere, neither am i. The more banners the better i say, forget chipping in for a big one, they just blend into the structure and look like an advertisment. get creative people, i didnt watch blue peter and learn nothing
1 - 20 of 45 Posts
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