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Manchester United start youth squads for players of 8 and above - but it's not often that they recruit young talent from as far away as Australia.

Yet Brisbane boy Rhain Davis has relocated to Manchester along with his family to try for a shot at the big leagues.

Davis has a British passport and an English-based grandfather, making his arrival in Britain that much easier. Indeed, it was his grandfather who facilitated his arrival, passing on a DVD of the boy's skills to the youth staff at United.

They jumped at the chance to sign the youngster, who will join boys his age and work his way up the ranks to the U-12s. He'll hope to be one of the lucky ones to be kept on after he turns twelve; those who do gain full time scholarships at Old Trafford.

“It's been brilliant so far. The best part has been meeting a lot of the players,†said Rhain, after spending time with a host of his heroes such as Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney.

Rhain's DVD showreel was mostly recorded during his matches for Brisbane-based club Redlands United, although he also trained at Moreton Bay Boys College, where his former coach has nothing but praise for him.

Coach Diana Pratchett said, “His ability to shield the ball in a tight space is extraordinary for someone of his age.â€

Indeed, many of his highlight videos show the youngster holding onto possession in the face of two or even three opposition defenders. While he appears greedy on the ball at first, he often looks for the killer pass after breaking into the box, showing great vision in doing so.

Rhain's mother has declared that the family “won't be back†in Australia. Whether the boy makes the grade remains to be seen, but he certainly seems a promising talent so far.

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