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Manchester United legend Bryan Robson says Arsenal's young team don't have the bottle to challenge for the title this season.

The Sheffield United boss said: "I am not just being biased, but looking at it constructively: Manchester United will win the title. Even with the way Arsenal are playing at the moment, United have that little bit more experience. They have a bit more toughness in their defending compared to Arsenal.

"When the pressure comes on and it gets edgy at the end of the season, it comes down to temperament and bottle. If the two teams are still close to each other United might just have the edge because of their experience.

"Even at the moment, even without Gary Neville and the fact that Nemanja Vidic has been out, they have been churning the results out. The thing that has impressed me is the 1-0 wins they have had when they have not been playing fluent football.

"Now all of a sudden they have hit the fluent football and Neville is nearly back and they are enjoying the influence of Owen Hargreaves in midfield. They have strengthened a lot more since last year.

"Because of their confidence and the way they have started the season, I see Arsenal pushing them all the way. But it will be Arsenal pushing United this year, not a battle between United and Chelsea."

Arsenal and United meet at the Emirates Stadium this weekend and Robson knows from the crunch games he was involved in that there will be no quarter given, even though the season is less than a third of the way through.

"Because of the way the two teams have started the season, this is the game everybody wants to see," he said. "The players at the two clubs and the two managers will be looking to stamp their authority on this league this year.

"If one wins, it is a big statement even though it is early on in the season. But even if Arsenal win, I see United coming back past them in the long term."
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