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The other day I was thinking about defenders and in particular Rio Ferdinand when I realized that I didn't know whether he had a middle name or not.

And then ..... I realized that I hardly knew any middle names of Manchester United players, which is a shame really. So here are the full names of Manchester United listed by their squad numbers.

I'm missing a few middle names, so if you happen to know them, please share the info.


p.s. Rio's middle name is Gavin and Ben Foster was born in the same place as Alistair Crowley.

Sir Alexander Chapman "Alex" Ferguson born 31 December 1941 in Govan, Glasgow

1. Edwin van der Sar (born 29 October 1970 in Voorhout)

2. Gary Alexander Neville born 18 February 1975 in Bury, Greater Manchester

3. Patrice Latyr Evra (born 15 May 1981 in Dakar, Senegal

4. Owen Lee Hargreaevs (born 20 January 1981 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

5. Rio Gavin Ferdinand (born 7 November 1978 in Peckham, London)

6. Wesley Michael "Wes" Brown (born 13 October 1979 in Longsight, Manchester)

7. Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro born 5 February 1985 in Funchal, Madeira)

8. Anderson LuÃ*s de Abreu Oliveira (born 13 April 1988 in Porto Alegre, Brazil)

9. Dimitar Ivanov Berbatov (born January 30, 1981 in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria)

10. Wayne Mark Rooney (born 24 October 1985, in Croxteth, Liverpool, Merseyside)

11. Ryan Joseph Giggs OBE (born Ryan Joseph Wilson on 29 November 1973 in Canton, Cardiff, Wales)

12. Benjamin Anthony "Ben" Foster (born 3 April 1983 in Leamington Spa)

13. Park Ji-Sung (born February 25, 1981 in Goheung, Jeollanam-do, Korea)

15. Nemanja Vidić (born October 21, 1981 in Titovo Užice, Serbia, SFR Yugoslavia)

16. Michael Carrick (born 28 July 1981 in Wallsend, Tyne and Wear)

17. LuÃ*s Carlos Almeida da Cunha (born 17 November 1986 in Praia, Cape Verde)

18. Paul Aaron Scholes (born 16 November 1974 in Salford, England)

19. Daniel "Danny" Welbeck (born 26 November 1990 in Longsight, Manchester, England)

20. Fabio (born 9 July 1990 in Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro)

21. Rafael Pereira da Silva (born 9 July 1990 in Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro)

22. John Francis O'Shea (born April 30, 1981 in Waterford, Republic of Ireland)

23. Jonathan Grant "Jonny" Evans (born 2 January 1988 in Belfast)

24. Darren Barr Fletcher (born 1 February 1984 in Dalkeith, Scotland)

25. Daniel Peter "Danny" Simpson (born 4 January 1987 in Salford, Greater Manchester)

26. Mateus Alberto Contreiras Gonçalves (born 7 March 1983 in Luanda)

28. Darron Thomas Daniel Gibson (born 25 October 1987)

29. Tomasz Kuszczak (born March 20, 1982 in Krosno Odrzańskie, Poland)

30. Lee Robert Martin (born 9 February 1987 in Taunton, England)

31. Fraizer Lee Campbell (born 13 September 1987 in Huddersfield, England)

32. Carlos Alberto Tévez (born Carlos Alberto MartÃ*nez on 5 February 1984 in Ciudadela, Buenos Aires)

33. Sam Hewson

34. Rodrigo Pereira Possebon (born 13 February 1989 in Sapucaia do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul)

35. Tom Cleverly (born August 12, 1989 in Basingstoke, England)

36. David Peter Gray (born 4 May 1988 in Edinburgh, Scotland)

37. Craig George Cathcart (born 6 February 1989 in Belfast, Northern Ireland)

38. Ron-Robert Zieler (born 12 February 1989 in Cologne, Germany)

39. James Chester (born January 23,1989 in Warrington, England)

40. Benjamin Paul "Ben" Amos (born 10 April 1990 in Macclesfield, England)

41. Federico Macheda (born August 21, 1991 in Rome, Italy)

42. Richard Eckersley (born 12 March 1989 in Salford, England)

45. Febian Earlston Brandy (born 4 February 1989 in Manchester)

Thomas David "Tom" Heaton (born 15 April 1986 in Chester)

Other famous names:

Rutgerus Johannes Martinus van Nistelrooij (commonly spelled as van Nistelrooy; born 1 July 1976 in Oss, North Brabant)

Leslie Mark Hughes (born 1 November 1963 in Ruabon, Wrexham, Wales)

Roy Maurice Keane (born 10 August 1971 in Mayfield, Cork)

Eric Daniel Pierre Cantona (born 24 May 1966 in Marseille, France)

Stephen Roger "Steve" Bruce (born 31 December 1960 in Corbridge, Northumberland, England)

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Sweet list RFR ;)

Only ones i knew prior were....

Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro
Wayne Mark Rooney
Roy Maurice Keane

:eek:...Shows how much I know!

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Can I just comment that Darren Fletcher's middle name is beffiting, because it's like his passing.......... HORRIBLE! :D

Bring on the Fletchernites

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RedForceRising said:
24. Darren Barr Fletcher
Bit strange since theres a Scottish defender who plays for Falkirk (and who should be starting for Scotland) called Darren Barr. :cool:


Thats a good list, and is certainly interesting!

Thanks RFR.

There's Only One Darren Fletcher!
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Rutgerus Johannes Martinus van Nistelrooij (commonly spelled as van Nistelrooy; born 1 July 1976 in Oss, North Brabant)

Thats an INTENSE name!
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