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Man Utd plan to tour Africa

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United I believe are planning to tour Africa. David Gill was saying that the preferred destinations are Asia and Africa rather than America! BBC report below.
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Manchester United chief executive David Gill says the club may embark on a pre-season trip to Africa at some stage in the future.

The English Premiership side revelaed that Africa and Asia, rather than the United States, are the regions where their fan-base is most fanatical.

The Red Devils have been bowled over by the fanatical reaction of supporters on their Far East tour this week.

Gill intimated that Africa was now in their thoughts for a future pre-season campaign.

United took part in the Vodacom Challenge against South African sides Orlando Pirates and Kaizer Chiefs last year and Gill feels there is potential for the club to increase their fan base on the continent.

"Africa is an interesting one. There's a great following for the Premier League in Africa, Gill said.

"As more African players come to the Premier League, you can see that getting greater.

"Apparently the reception Rio Ferdinand got in Uganda (where he is planning to open a football academy) this summer was incredible.

"He sent me a text when he was there saying 'Mr Gill, we've got to come to Uganda'. Maybe we will."
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I read in the newpapers today that United will probably do this pre-season tour of South Africa...before the start of the 2008/2009 season.
Red Ken said:
I think Tevez will be a big mistake. Look at all the baggage and controversy that has surrounded him since day one ... do we really need that? West Ham united accusing us of 'tapping up' their player. What will follow in the way of legal nightmares and complications, press speculation etc? The media will be out to get us if we sign Tevez in the same way the media have been out to get West Ham since the arrival of Tevez and Maschearano at their club last year. West Hams downfall last season started after the arrival of tevez. People forget that. They say he saved them from relegation, but it wasn't him alone, it was a team effort and coincided with the arrival of lucas neil and mark noble in the west ham team. What about the 20 odd games before that when Tevez failed to score in a single one of them? But the main reason we should never sign Tevez is because of that thieving gypsy slimey toad of an agent/owner who goes by the name of Kia Jorrabchian. That man is a walking time bomb. Just look at what he did at the club corinthians. It caused Tevez to be hated by the fans for the circumstances surrounding his departure from corinthians. The circumstances surrounding his departure from West Ham are less than rosey either, but how long before Joorabchian is threatening to take Tevez from Manchester United unless his exhorbitant demands are met? Furthermore though I believe the way we are signing Tevez ... big club taps up a smaller club- using their muscle to steal away smaller clubs best players scenario, will cause us to be hated thoughout the football world.
^Posted in the wrong thread, mate!:rolleyes:
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