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I go on the tour every year (dont of my crazy rituals considering I have been to 3 league and 1 FA Cup game this season so far) and now the munich tunnel has been done, a large chunk of the tour has been removed so they can take you along the munich tunnel (things removed like press rooms, directors box, players restaurant to name a few).

The munich tunnel is open to all the public so why dont they highlight that its there and then continue with the normal tour letting people look at it at their leisure.

It just seems to be that its used to fill 20 mins of the tour that would be held elsewhere which is a little distasteful considering the subject matter involved.

Is this another example of the american influence coming through.

Just another way of making customers pay to look at something for 20 minutes
that you could see for free.
Supprised the tour doesn't include a 10 minute look at the clock and a guide
telling you " That is a statue of Sir Matt".

I've heard from an unreliable source that next season the tour will include
an indepth tour of supporters car parks, and on certain days, for only £15 extra,
an exclusive look at the players car park and cars.

Welcome to the world of " Rape The *Customer "

Yep *Customer, because thats the way United fans are described now.

A trip to the Megawhore is a must for all customers.

( sorry mate, not a dig at you but a dig at what Manchester United has become ).
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