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Man Utd succeed Real Madrid as world's most popular club

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Manchester United are again the world's most powerful club.

The bi-annual results of the football marketing study by the University of Navarra and the International University of Catalunya have again been published this week.

United has succeeded last year's No1 club, Real Madrid, which has dropped to fourth position. Chelsea are second behind United and ahead of third-place Barcelona.

United also boast the two biggest names in football - Cristiano Ronaldo at No1 and Wayne Rooney at No2.

The highly-respected University study reaches its results from the popularity of players and clubs by the news they generate in the world-wide media.
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We will go back to number one of the money league again next year too....

Knocking Real Madrid off their pirch :D

United turn over 200 Million this year and Madrid 208 Million :eek:

We beat them easy next year Grrrrrrrrrrrr :)
RichardsReds said:
I didn't need a forum thread to tell me that we are the most powerful squad. Has anyone seen the names on our team sheet recently?
:confused: This is a thread telling you they are the most powerful in a marketting sense....

Nothing to do with the squad being the most powerful :p
RichardsReds said:
Heard of Rooney and Ferdinand or even Ronaldo... I thought they were pretty big marketing tools!!

Thats what i meant...
Be more specific then or I'll smack your bum :D
2 pages of general chitter chatter......

Can we return to the thread title now.....
GeordieMancunian said:
I thought the fact we are in debt didn't make us the richest football club in the world anymore? Hmm :confused:
Nobody said we were the richest club :confused:

Did you just imagine we did.....

Or have you not read all the thread ? ;)
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