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Man Utd succeed Real Madrid as world's most popular club

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Manchester United are again the world's most powerful club.

The bi-annual results of the football marketing study by the University of Navarra and the International University of Catalunya have again been published this week.

United has succeeded last year's No1 club, Real Madrid, which has dropped to fourth position. Chelsea are second behind United and ahead of third-place Barcelona.

United also boast the two biggest names in football - Cristiano Ronaldo at No1 and Wayne Rooney at No2.

The highly-respected University study reaches its results from the popularity of players and clubs by the news they generate in the world-wide media.
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by the news they generate in the media
So, let me get this right - the most popular club in the world is officially generated by the whims of a newspaper editor?

Man Utd have been the most popular club on the planet for many many years and THATS official!!

In the 60s there was a newspaper article which I once read about a reporter who, for some reason was in deepest, darkest Siberia. He was trying to talk to some people in a tiny hamlet thousands of miles from anywhere and their dog.

The only words of english that a villager knew was:

"Bobby Charlton, Number One"

Real Madrid fans can stick that in their galactic thingy and smoke it!!!
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RichardsReds said:
Ha! You should learn how to interpret things!
Thats rich, coming from you!! :p
Try and keep to the topic please? Odd comments are no problem, but whole pages? *sheesh*
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