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Man Utd succeed Real Madrid as world's most popular club

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Manchester United are again the world's most powerful club.

The bi-annual results of the football marketing study by the University of Navarra and the International University of Catalunya have again been published this week.

United has succeeded last year's No1 club, Real Madrid, which has dropped to fourth position. Chelsea are second behind United and ahead of third-place Barcelona.

United also boast the two biggest names in football - Cristiano Ronaldo at No1 and Wayne Rooney at No2.

The highly-respected University study reaches its results from the popularity of players and clubs by the news they generate in the world-wide media.
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Red Devil said:
The only words of english that a villager knew was:
"Bobby Charlton, Number One"
Real Madrid fans can stick that in their galactic thingy and smoke it!!!
OMG that's great! Bwahahahaha!
Keano4taoiseach said:

I suppose Man Utd can last a laugh time whereas Masturbation only lasts 5 seconds.....:D........:eek:
5 seconds? Hahaha!

Try 10 mate ;)
Keano4taoiseach said:
10 legend.........oh how I envy you........:eek:
I can give you some tips, but those can't be posted in the likes of a public thread. We can't have everyone shattering records left and right
Keano4taoiseach said:
lol I always knew you were a porn star........(gay or straight porn zane...??.....:D)
Sorry, my week of public inqueries has passed :p
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