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Hello to all the fellow reds. How about a thread dedicated to all Manchester United related trivia. Any member can quiz others with ques related to Manchester United here.

It gives a chance to fans, especially younger fans or people who have recently started following the club, to learn more about Man Utd's great history ......


Answer a question

Then ask your own. Do not ask questions until someone has answered them

I'd start with a relatively simple questions..

1. Tommy Tayler came to United for 30,000 pounds,

29,999 went to his former club where did the other pound go to - and why?

This is a classic...

Anyone knows the answer ?

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Something to do with Busby not wanting loads of media hype about a player
costing £30, he took a pound off the price....

Can't recall where the pound went though...:eek:...........pack of ciggys? :p lol
1 - 20 of 691 Posts
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