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Man Utd Trivia Thread

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Hello to all the fellow reds. How about a thread dedicated to all Manchester United related trivia. Any member can quiz others with ques related to Manchester United here.

It gives a chance to fans, especially younger fans or people who have recently started following the club, to learn more about Man Utd's great history ......


Answer a question

Then ask your own. Do not ask questions until someone has answered them

I'd start with a relatively simple questions..

1. Tommy Tayler came to United for 30,000 pounds,

29,999 went to his former club where did the other pound go to - and why?

This is a classic...

Anyone knows the answer ?
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Portsmouth vs Grimsby F.A cup semi-final. attendance 76,962

Who were united playing and what score was it in the first game at Old Trafford
In 2007, who became the 450th Manchester United player to score a goal for the club
What is the record for the amount of penalties scored in one season. Name the amount of pens and the player.
Steve Bruce got 11 or 12 one season I think
How many United players have won the World Cup and name them
Barthez, Charlton, Stiles, Kleberson, Blanc, Connelly
you got it:thumbsup:
1 - 12 of 691 Posts
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