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Many papers have reported that man utd tried profiting from televising the munich memorial service by asking the bbc 5 grand for the footage .

Utd said they did this as bbc charged them the same amount for coverage of george bests funeral .

the bbc have tried to slander fergie over rock of gibralter affair and constantly hint we are involved in brown bag deals .

Fergie stopped talking to them a long while ago .

Do they have a hidden agenda ?

fergie speaks happily to sky and setanta .

About time the guardian reading knob jockeys at broadcasting house wound the neck in methinks

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The thing that finished it for Fergie ...

Was when the BBC reported that his brother was involved in some trickery with
transfer fees and giving out 'bungs'.

Since then he will have nothing to do with them.

Who can blame him ... ?

Any one ever say a bad thing about my family would be treated the same way.

Knowing what Fergie is like too - he will NEVER change his mind either !!

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The problem between Fergie and the BBC is nothing to do with his brother.

Going back to the "99 Questions" issue with Magnier & McManus, the BBC cottoned on to the fact that deals were done between United and players who were reprsented by Elite, the agency employing Fergie's son, Jason.

There have been a few questions asked over deals done and young players who found themselves leaving OT after refusing to accept Jason as their agent when Fergie suggested it.

Whether there was, or wasn't, any fire-less smoke isn't the issue here. It was poor judgment to have such close family links in deals that should have been "arms length" at best.

Going back to Martin Ferguson, hiring your brother as chief scout, isn't exactly going to keep off the suggestions of nepotism, is it?
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