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Man Utd v Tottenham Hotspur

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Manchester United vs Tottenham

Saturday 9th September 2006

Kick Off:

Prem Plus

Welcome back to the Barclays Premiership then, for the 2006/2007 Season. It's been a wonderful start for us hasn't it. We beat Fulham at Old Trafford 5-1 on the opening day, and went top of the table. We then faced Charlton away from home, and we destroyed them 3-0, and we went back to the top.

Meanwhile Chelsea lost to Middlesbrough, which gave us a 3 point edge against them in the overall table. Moving on to West Brom, away from home, we fought well, and won 2-1.

We are proudly top of the table still, but can it last? Visiting Old Trafford this weekend is Tottenham Hotspur. They will be in confident mood when they face us, but hold on a minute, they haven't done too well this season, at this very early stage. If I can remember correctly, they are in the bottom half, with 1 win, and 2 defeats.

Encounters between Manchester United and Tottenham are always entertaining, but it's going to be a very very tough game against them. The last time we beat Tottenham at Old Trafford was in 2004, yes, I'm being honest, we won 3-0 that day, whilst we were having a bad patch. I have a feeling were beat them this time, with Heinze returning, Carrick maybe starting, Rio returning, Gary Neville, Vidic, and Evra too. Bring em on!

PREDICTION: Manchester United 2-1 Tottenham


2003/2004 Season: Tottenham 1-2 Manchester United
2003/2004 Season: Manchester United 3-0 Tottenham
2004/2005 Season: Tottenham 0-1 Manchester United
2004/2005 Season: Manchester United 0-0 Tottenham
2005/2006 Season: Manchester United 1-1 Tottenham
2005/2006 Season: Tottenham 1-2 Manchester United

MATCHDAY FACT: Manchester United have kept three clean sheets against Tottenham in their last 6 meetings.
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