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I think Tom Heatons move will be made permanent.

I also hope that Simpson comes back, and his move doesn't become permanent. I'm a big fan of his, and hes going to be a very good player and we should keep him.

But I hope the young players get more first team opportunities. One thing that annoys me about Sir Alex is how he promises the young players opportunites but doesn't give them any, or enough, like he did with Rossi and Pique.

Hopefully the current young players will get more to show what they can do, and prove themselves.

My views in red;

20LEGEND said:
1. Danny Gibson - Loan move
2. Jhonny Evans?? - Will stay to provide cover for Rio and Vidic
3. Cleverley ?? - May be loaned out or will play for the reserves
4. Cathcart?? - Again, may be loaned out or reserve football
5. Lee Martin?? - Will be off permanently.

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carlyluvsunited said:
What you say about the young players being given
chances is fair enough. But look at it from Fergies

When ?

The Carling Cup is the best opportunity and they
went and lost 2-0 at home to Coventry City !!!
They are their own worst enemy. Could he risk
letting them loose early in the season ? We might
drop one or two points here and there though.
Imagine if we then lost the Title on goal difference !!!

It's easy to say "give them more chances" but it's
not so easy fitting them in !

People complain he gives them no time - people
would complain if they made a hash of it and cost
us the Title - again Fergie is in a lose-lose situation !!
Good post. I agree with you actually.

But what annoys me is that Pique came in and made a mistake against Bolton. Then he never got to see the first team again until we were really struggling with injuries.

Sir Alex even persisted in playing O'Shea at CB in front of Pique. As much as I like O'Shea, I think Pique is a better CB than O'Shea, so should have been given the opportunity. I think he handled the situation with Pique in the wrong way. (but then again, I'm not a manager who has managed Man Utd for more than 20 years, and is now the most successful manager in English football history ;))

Also, its a bit annoying for the young players like Pique and Rossi to be told that they will get first team football, and then not get it.

But I absolutely agree with your post.
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