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Ryan Giggs has revealed the words of advice he had for Manchester United teammate Cristiano Ronaldo as the pair celebrated winning the Champions League on the pitch in Moscow last season.
The Welshman revealed to The Sun: "As a youngster you just play off the cuff. But when you've been around a while you realise what's at stake.
"You think 'this could be my last tournament' or 'this could be the last league I'll go for' so you make sure you enjoy it.
"That's what I said to Cristiano - to enjoy the moment.
"I said that in 1999 I probably didn't enjoy it as much as last year. You think time's running out and are you going to get there again. We did, so I made the most of it and I was telling him to do exactly the same because those sort of games don't come round very often."
It is that enjoyment, coupled with a burning desire to win even more silverware, which means Giggs still gets so much pleasure from the game.
He added: "I still get the same buzz out of playing and winning, probably even more. You saw in two minutes against Newcastle last week how you can experience the highs and lows.
"They went a goal up, and you're really disappointed. But then we got a quick equaliser and the feeling is the same as it always has been - incredible.
"You can't explain that. It's something which never fades and actually increases as you get older."

Ryan Giggs a true model for everyone

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You guys are wrong. Ronaldo is exactly the kind of person that needs to hear Ryan's words. I venture to say it's impossible to hear words from Ryan and them not have some kind of effect, especially given his proven record as both a player, professional, and role model.
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