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Manchester United teammates have dubbed Wayne Rooney 'Sir Bobby Charlton' - but it has nothing to do with last week's England performance.

The Mirror says Rooney's team-mates have dubbed the striker Bobby Charlton – because he's going bald just like the Manchester United legend.

Rooney is furious fellow players are mocking him because he is paranoid about losing his hair at only 22.

The striker's tormentor-in-chief is handsome Cristiano Ronaldo, 23, who came up with the nickname.

Rooney's other close friends Rio Ferdinand, 29, and Wes Brown, 28, have joined in the mickey-taking – pointing out they have full heads of hair despite being much older.

A source said: “Wayne's sensitive about losing his hair as any young guy would be. He's up for a laugh but the name calling is getting a bit much and is starting to make him angry.

“If it gets too much he snaps and tells them to shut it. The ribbing will only get worse so he's got o get used to it.â€
1 - 20 of 31 Posts
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