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After his super show on Saturday, Manchester United ace Wayne Rooney admits he's having to be dragged off the training ground by manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

Rooney revealed: "The night before the Kiev game we trained at the stadium. I wanted to do some shooting at the end but the boss wouldn't let me.

"I was gutted and a bit frustrated because I hadn't been the best in training and sometimes it is good to do some shooting at the end. But it was probably for the best because it was a cold night."

His attitude is refreshing at a time when players are unfavourably compared to our rugby heroes and he said: "Us footballers are privileged and we are lucky that we go to work to do the thing we love - football.

"And most days you are finished and home by 2pm so staying on the training pitch for an extra half an hour to an hour is not really anything dramatic.

"But if there is something extra you can do that is going to help improve your game, then it is worth doing.

"There will be times in matches when the practice you put in on the training field will pay off, no matter whether you are 10 or 35.
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