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Who Has Done The Best For His Club?

  • Sir Alex Ferguson (United)

    Votes: 23 48.9%
  • Arsene Wenger (Arsenal)

    Votes: 1 2.1%
  • Avram Grant (Chelski)

    Votes: 1 2.1%
  • Harry Redknapp (Portsmouth)

    Votes: 4 8.5%
  • Rafa Benitez (Liverpool)

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Sven Goran Eriksson (Man City)

    Votes: 3 6.4%
  • alan Curbishley (West Ham)

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Juande Ramos (Tottenham)

    Votes: 5 10.6%
  • Steve Bruce (Wigan)

    Votes: 1 2.1%
  • Other (name)

    Votes: 9 19.1%
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Who do you think should be Manager of the Season for this 2007/2008 Season?

Never mind which manager finishes top of the pile, be it Alex Ferguson, Avram Grant, Arsene Wenger or whoever; who do you think has done the best for his club this season? Who has the best enthusiasm; committment; entertaining; fun to watch football?

Avram Grant has surprised a few people this season; he was not expected to bring Chelski back into the reckoning

I can only give you 10 choices, so I will concentrate on the top nine in my opinion:

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i think you could have taken out SAF from there because we will all be biased.....most of them will......but i am going to change it and say...

SAF obviously.......... ;)

but if it isnt SAF then i would have gone for juande.....he took the same team that were down in the dumps and got them in the winning road again even with the language i am gonna go with juande here...

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as i told before....juande with an under achieving team at the start of the season took them up again even with a language barrier.......that says a lot about him...he is determined and he took the same side that jol underachieved credit to him for bringing back the confidence to spurs....

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Moyes for me as well. 3rd longest serving manager in the Prem,
who has brought stability to Everton, who have been mixing it
with the big boys for a few seasons now. He has made some great
signings like Yak, Cahil, Lescott, Jagielka, Nev and Howard etc....
I have great admiration for him. He seems to be going down the
same road as Fergie, which is good news for him and Everton.

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Obviously Sir Alex has to be up there, but we've seen him do it over and over. So
besides him, I thought Ramos has done a splendid job at White Hart Lane.

Martin Jol was Tottenham's best ever manager for quite some time and he really
got them playing some good stuff. However, when things went slightly pear-
shaped and the odd result and decision went against his white army, the crowd
turned on him and he was released of his duties as Spurs' manager. Now, many
believed the Ramos had been confirmed as the new boss before Jol even left.
Therefore, Ramos was going into a tough position with the need of support from
the fans to guide him along.

He seems to me to have and everyone else, to have got the team fitter, stronger,
faster, motivated. Apparently, he's got a top class nutritionist and the team are
on very strict eating programs. His style of play is sometimes as good as the top
teams and are more than capable of holding their own against the big teams just
a Man Utd, Arsenal and Chelsea have found out this season.

Tottenham had also won a no cup before his arrival for several years failing to
even come close. But, he got his glory and his squad knocked over the FA Cup
and Carling Cup holders, Chelsea in a fantastic display at Wembley earlier this
season in the Carling Cup Final. So what, the big teams may consider that
particular competition "Worthless", but if you were playing in a tournament and
got to a quarter/semi-final, you'd want to go further no matter what. He instilled
the belief in his team that they could be winners and he won the cup with
sparkle. Even crushing their bitter rivals at home along the run of results. So he
clearly has the ability to achieve things at the club.

Also, finally, he's given younger, not so well known names a chance on the big
stage and to me the one that stands out is young Englishman, Jamie O'Hara who
to me could be a real talent for the future.

Overall, Ramos has been superb since his arrival propelling a team who at one
stage were worrying about relegation to a safe position, with a trophy in the
cabinet and an unfortunate loss to PSV in the UEFA Cup on those dreaded
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