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Noel Gallagher, a well-known Manchester City fan of course, dedicated a song to 'Signor Kaka' last night...

Just about everyone who's heard of Mancunian rock band Oasis knows that songwriter and guitarist Noel Gallagher and his singer brother Liam are massive Manchester City fans.

What is perhaps less well-known to may British fans of the group however, is that they are also very popular in Italy, and Noel actually counts Italian striking legend Allessandro Del Piero as a personal friend.

The songwriter was interviewed by Controcampo on Sunday night, where he confirmed that Del Piero was a personal friend.

"[Del Piero] is a great friend," he said.

"David Beckham is a friend ... now he is at Milan.

"Kaka? To me it seemed like pure folly from the outset. Maybe in three years time he will regret not joining Manchester City."

Noel also added his own views to the recent lengthy transfer saga that, eventually, saw Brazilian superstar Kaka stay at AC Milan, and not move to the Gallaghers' beloved Citizens, memorably reportedly uttering the choice phrase, "F*** Arsene Wenger."

Noel's choice to dedicate song to Kaka last night at a concert in Milan, to rapturous cheers from the crowd, who were delighted that the Rossoneri legend received a mention.

View the song, along with its dedication here:

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