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Manchester is Blue !!!! ????

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32nd Aniversary, Feb 28th 1976.
Yes, It's that time of year again !!!

The day of celebration and fun for every UNITED supporter around the world.

The day to show that Manchester is.........RED

In 76' and this is true
a cup was won by a team in blue
It's been a long time since that day
So we'll sing them a song that they _ _ _ _ ing hate.
32 years.._ _ _ _ all !!
32 years.._ _ _ _ all !!
( carry on :D ).

This How it feels to be city
This is how it feels to be small
This is how it feels
When your team win Nothing at all .



City Trophy room 1976 - 2008.

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Ahh........what a great feling! lmao.............
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