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Manchester United Goal Scorers 07/08

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Ronaldo 42
Tevez 19
Rooney 18
Saha 5
Nani 4
Ferdinand 3
Giggs 3
Fletcher 2
Hargreaves 2
Pique 2
Scholes 2
Carrick 2
Park 1
Vidic 1
Brown 1

Own Goals 2

Total: 110 Goals


Nani 14
Rooney 13
Giggs 9
Ronaldo 8
Tevez 7
Scholes 5
Brown 5
Anderson 4
Carrick 3
Hargreaves 3
Evra 2
Fletcher 2
O'Shea 2
Park 2
Ferdinand 1
Simpson 1
Vidic 1

Updated-CL final vs Chelsea
- CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1-1 United win 6-5 on penalties
Goals: Ronaldo
Assists: Brown

That's it for this season. I'll carry on next season as usual :)
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carlyluvsunited said:
Ronaldo assist against The Arse ?

Everyone here was saying he got goal and assist on Sat ?

Not sure myself............:p
hmm its a confusing one alright. It was given as a Gallas og but hopefully Rooney will appeal that (not too sure of the process involved). Ronaldo clearly 'made' the goal but if its a Gallas og, surely Rooney gets the assist as it hit him before Gallas?
Not really sure though. Any suggestions anyone.
We sure like scoring 4 these days.....
Tevez, Ronaldo and Rooney all on the scoresheet tonight. Well done lads. Job done.
andycole9 said:
surely that as to be rooneys goal? if he does not make the run to the near post and touch it it does not go in, deffo rooneys goal in my eyes
Even Rooney said last night it was his goal. He will appeal it. Not sure when the ruling will come out but Id expect and hope they give it to Rooney. We have had far more dubious ones this season already. Rios one, Giggsys one and Tevez have all got dodgy ones credited to them. Should be Rooneys goal for me.
looks like Ronnie is easily going to surpass his tally of last year. Fergie is a wise man for not betting this season around.
13 and counting...........
Ronaldo just keeps on giving and giving. We should call him Santa.
Thats 14 goals in his last 13 games and 16 for the season.
if anyone was wondering if he would beat his tally of 23 from last year, I dont think there is any doubt anymore. Whats frightening is that its still December :)

Also thats his 12th double for United. Even his mom is giving him grief about getting no hattricks. Maybe he can get it soon. 13th time lucky???
Red Devil said:
Little trivia question for you: Which United player has scored the most hat tricks?
It has to be Law or even Tommy Taylor? Ill go for Law.
Law has about a dozen hat-tricks if I remember rightly. He once said that Rooney would go on to smash all the goal scoring records at United (inc. hat-tricks)
I sure hope so but he is still way behind. 2 hat-tricks and 66/67 goals in total.
red_devils4life said:
-Which United player scored the most goals in one single game?
-Which United player has the most goals scored in consecutive league matches?
-Which United player score the most penalties in a single season?
-Who is United's oldest goal-scorer at the point when he score the goal?

Best vs Nothampton 6goals
Ruud and Billy Whelan 8 games
Ruud at a guess or Herd or Eric?
Robson age 37- Carly got this one....
red_devils4life said:
Best vs Nothampton 6goals Correct!
Ruud and Billy Whelan 8 games Wrong!
Ruud at a guess or Herd or Eric? Give me only one answer pls....
Robson age 37- Carly got this one.... Wrong!
Rooney's been robbed!

Wayne Rooney's frustration at not finding the net in the Reds’ 6-0 win on the weekend was clear, and perhaps more understandable when you consider the United ace learnt just 24 hours prior to kick off that his personal goals tally had been cut by the Premier League.

A memo circulated last Friday from the Dubious Goals Committee revealed the Reds’ opener at the Emirates Stadium in November had been ruled as a William Gallas own goal.

United’s club statistician and official media outlets, including, had previously credited the strike to the England international.

The decision now means Rooney’s 2007/08 tally stands at nine, while his goal at Villa Park in the recent FA Cup third round clash was his 68th in a United shirt.

Other rulings by the Dubious Goals Committee included allowing Rio Ferdinand and Ryan Giggs’ strikes at Villa Park in October to stand as Reds goals, while the same decision applies to Carlos Tevez’s second against Middlesbrough and Cristiano Ronaldo’s first against Blackburn Rovers.
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Ronaldo equals tally of 23 from last season.
Rooney now in double figures. He joins Tevez and Ron.
Fletch joins the assist list.

This table appears on page 1 for those that dont know :)


Ronaldo 23
Tevez 12
Rooney 10
Saha 4
Ferdinand 3
Giggs 2
Nani 2
Pique 2
Scholes 1
Vidic 1

Own Goals 1

Total: 61 Goals


Nani 8
Rooney 8
Giggs 7
Tevez 7
Brown 4
Ronaldo 3
Evra 2
Anderson 2
Ferdinand 1
Fletcher 1
Hargreaves 1
O'Shea 1
Scholes 1
Simpson 1
Vidic 1

2-0 win
Goals: Ronaldo, Rooney
Assists: Tevez, Fletcher
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Carrick's first assist, Fletcher's first goals, nani up to 12 assists and Rooney hitting his 11th of the season.
Park and Hargreaves both got their first goal of the season.
It was Hargreaves first ever goal for the club.
Park's 9th for United.
Updated goalscorers and assists charts are in post #1 and are updated every
match for those that dont know.

Great to see Tevez and Rooney get closer to the 20 goal mark.
They are now both on 17 goals each, with Ronnie miles ahead on 37.
2nd assist for Hargreaves and what a peach it was. Second in as many weeks
I believe.
jboto18466 said:
I have a feeling that you can add one goal to both Ronaldo and Rooney's column.
Can't wait for tomorrow's .game
What makes you say that? :confused:
Ronaldo has 37 and Rooney has 17.......
or are you predicting the Arse game? :D
I would love ronnie to hit the 40 mark, and for Rooney and Tevez to hit
the 20 mark. Strikers look at goals scored and if they can hit 20 they will
be happy enough.
Id love for Saha to score again this season and for the old boys, Giggs and
Scholes to smash in an important one.
pooyanunited said:
carrick has scored 2 goals this season not 1
Well spotted mate and thanks. Forgot to add it last week :eek:
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