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I'm depressed now - only 13 goal all season !!!

Ah well at least the points come rolling in too.

Be nice to double the 13 in the next 4 games though - we have been too lucky with the amount of goals United score for us in the last few year. So when we score a 'normal' amount people seem to be unhappy !!

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Jazz 16 said:
hmm its a confusing one alright. It was given as a Gallas og but hopefully Rooney will appeal that (not too sure of the process involved). Ronaldo clearly 'made' the goal but if its a Gallas og, surely Rooney gets the assist as it hit him before Gallas?
Not really sure though. Any suggestions anyone.
Actually OG sounds right - the ball was going long way wide before Gallas helped it in, lmao :D

So yes........I was a bit confused because many pople say Ronnie has 1 goal and 1 assist...........but seemingly not.

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Andreas_svan said:
1 Cristiano Ronaldo (PRT) Manchester United 17
2 Emmanuel Adebayor (TGO) Arsenal 15
3 Benjamin Mwaruwari (ZWE) Portsmouth 12
4 Robbie Keane (IRL) Tottenham Hotspur 11
- Fernando Torres (ESP) Liverpool 11
6 Nicolas Anelka (FRA) Chelsea 10
- Roque Santa Cruz (PRY) Blackburn Rovers 10
- Carlos Tevez (ARG) Manchester United 10
9 Aiyegbeni Yakubu (NGA) Everton 9

Just strikers on the list. Wait, what? Even though Ronaldo plays up there sometimes he mostly plays as a winger. He's done one hell of a performance this season including he got punsihed in the earliy season and then it's freakin nice he leads this list, we love him, Don't we boys and girl?:)
Dear God give me strength.......:p

This thread number 5 in the last week to tell us how good Ronaldo is !!!!!

This is all about goalscoring and how many he has !!!

Maybe it should be in the goal scoring thread ?

Sounds good to me......

coldplaysmiley said:
what's best's record then?

ok found it
bestie in '67/'68 - 28 in league, 32 in all
Denis Law gets 46 in one year....

Maybe better Ronnie aims for this total........;)
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