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Wait, what?

1 Cristiano Ronaldo (PRT) Manchester United 17
2 Emmanuel Adebayor (TGO) Arsenal 15
3 Benjamin Mwaruwari (ZWE) Portsmouth 12
4 Robbie Keane (IRL) Tottenham Hotspur 11
- Fernando Torres (ESP) Liverpool 11
6 Nicolas Anelka (FRA) Chelsea 10
- Roque Santa Cruz (PRY) Blackburn Rovers 10
- Carlos Tevez (ARG) Manchester United 10
9 Aiyegbeni Yakubu (NGA) Everton 9

Just strikers on the list. Wait, what? Even though Ronaldo plays up there sometimes he mostly plays as a winger. He's done one hell of a performance this season including he got punsihed in the earliy season and then it's freakin nice he leads this list, we love him, Don't we boys and girl?:)
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