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Manchester United Goalscorers & Assists Thread 08/09

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Includes: Prem, Cup and European games.


Ronaldo - 26
Rooney - 20
Tevez - 15
Berbatov - 14
Vidic - 7
Nani - 6
Carrick - 4
Giggs - 4
Fletcher - 4
Park - 4
Gibson - 3
Scholes - 3
Welbeck - 3
Macheda - 2
O'Shea - 2
Brown - 1
Rafael - 1

Total: 119


Giggs - 19
Ronaldo - 12
Rooney - 12
Carrick - 11
Berbatov - 10
Tevez - 7
Anderson - 5
O'Shea - 5
Nani - 4
Evra - 3
Fletcher - 3
Park - 3
Scholes - 2
Macheda - 1
Manucho - 1
Rafael - 1
Vidic - 1
Welbeck - 1

Updated: CL Final.
Assists: :
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Stats from season 07/08


Ronaldo 42
Tevez 19
Rooney 18
Saha 5
Nani 4
Ferdinand 3
Giggs 3
Fletcher 2
Hargreaves 2
Pique 2
Scholes 2
Carrick 2
Park 1
Vidic 1
Brown 1

Own Goals 2

Total: 110 Goals


Nani 14
Rooney 13
Giggs 9
Ronaldo 8
Tevez 7
Scholes 5
Brown 5
Anderson 4
Carrick 3
Hargreaves 3
Evra 2
Fletcher 2
O'Shea 2
Park 2
Ferdinand 1
Simpson 1
Vidic 1

Updated-CL final vs Chelsea - CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1-1 United win 6-5 on penalties
Goals: Ronaldo
Assists: Brown
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nani 14 assists ! i've always appreciated the guy...when everyone was giving him the hard time i knew he is a very useful player
Rooney 30
Tevez 20
Scholes 5
Ronaldo 25
Nani 10
Berba? 35
The list is sadly bare ATM....:(

Hopefully things will change tomorrow at the Bridge!
abojodeh said:
since when Berba have two assists :confused:
Since he Assisited people, twice :)

One was Tevez, Anfield

another was ...
abojodeh said:
since when Berba have two assists :confused:
One at Anfield and the other at Chelsea (kind of).
He had the shot that Cech spilled for Park.
Fantasy football gace him the points for the assist so thats good enough for me :p
Does that count though?
Should I scratch it off?
lol, thats a bit of a joke, they should have given the assist to Cech!
First post updated

Great to see Berbatov get off the mark and Rooney get his 2nd in 2 games.
4 players lead the standings at this early stage:
Berbatov, Fletch, Rooney and Ronaldo.
christianoharleiro said:
lol, thats a bit of a joke, they should have given the assist to Cech!

Never mind , Berbatov as a central forward will finish with more pure assists than some midfielders .
I/m sure in that because of good passes for Scholes,Rio,Ronaldo,Tevez and Rooney .
Just waht I like to see....

Rooney on top of the list! :D
Rooney in form is simply the best.

When in form, he can be compared to the best players in world as he is having match affecting outcomes. Love him.

Ronaldo as well not at his best but still decisive and getting involved as much as possible.

Soon he will dominate like last season along with rooney, berbatov, tevez and rio.
I think this year will be Rooney one.

I so hope that.
Rooney our top goal scorer I LOVE IT :D

i wish he can stay on form as he benefit us allot with his passing such as the change side passes which he do them greatly and with Carrick hes our best ball distributors
especially that Rooney moves allot which make him able to distribute better

and i noticed that his finishing is becoming neater season after season he didn't use all of power in his shots as he used too long time ago, now he tries to finish better
so his no more the ball smacker he used to be

wish he stays fit and plays great as he benefit United and my fantasy league we he was my captain long time ago but i gave the arm-band to Ashley Young, now after yesterdays performance he may be my skipper again :D
Updated: 4-0 win vs West Brom (a)
Goals: Rooney, Ronaldo, Berbatov, Nani
Assists: Berbatov, Rooney (x2), Nani
Blade move Rooney to the top of the assist list ;)
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