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red dave said:
It must be a new away kit but you know what that means either the White away or the the blue away are thrown on the scrap heap !!

Another screw for the fans I thought that Kits had a 2 season life span now days.

During the last few years we have had

The Red home which had a 1 season

The Black and Red away which was kept 1 season

And now a new kit which would mean another away kit being made redundant!

Im starting to see a trend why dont they make a Memorial kit every season that way the fans get screwed every year .

Did you not hear the news months ago?

In a bid to help the debt problem, there will be a new kit be it home, away or 3rd EVERY season for a while. for that one above. It won't be the home one, so brain dead sense means
that (If its all true of course), that the white will be chucked, blue pushed back to
3rd, and that one, redesigned slightly into the away slot.

I want the black from last season back!!! :(
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