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piazza said:
Yes, but all of us intelligent ones, just buy the ones from bestway4you. Most of the Asian market, are counterfeits, that are sold on the street.
just made a purchase from them for the white united shirt £14 inc delivery. More like the price i wanna pay.

To be fair tho, i wouldnt mind paying £40 per shirt if i knew some effort had gone into the designing of them and i knew they weren't made in Vietnam by some 9 year old on £3 a week. Thats another negative to throw in the football shirt pot

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Keano! said:
I want the black from last season back!!! :(
Lol, that's what I'm wearing at the moment!

It's an interesting idea. Billy Meredith was the 1st United legend and, of course, many more have followed. I'd not actually heard about him designing a kit before so if nothing else it's educational for United fans. I feel it's important that we know about the clubs history.

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the 50 years in Europe one was one of my fave ever jerswey's, the Newton Heath one was class! the blue one this year is class... I have no beef with the one off jersey's, they're usually my favourite, and they tend to be worn by people longer cos they're a bit more unique, i'll def be buying that, its quite like the jersy's Kappa made for italy and Wales a few years back!

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Sneak preview of the new shirt for next season.
...only $199.99

can thy mke the badge with Man U instead of manchster united cz me u no i fnd it hrd to type it on msn whn me and my budis are chting ab't soccer reslts and can we hve a cr7 spcial edtion ? :eek:
u no budy ?
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