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Do you guys/girls really rate Mancini as a coach? I, personally, think he flatters to deceive.

He won the Coppa Italia with Fiorentina then Lazio. He did well, but not spectacular with both clubs.

It was only when he came to Inter that he won the Scudetto two years on the trot.

In a world without Calciopoli Inter & Mancini would have won nothing. This is all but a certainty.

I just don't rate him as a coach & I apologise to those who do but that''s my view.
You are right that he won nothing in Europe ,but what won Mourihno with Chelsea and Inter ?
Juande Ramos after winning the UEFA Cup was in role of the destroyer for Spuds ,so winning or not some times could be not a good argue for coach skills .

So , I am not saying that Mancini will be the best choice,because i don't know actually the problems experienced in Inter,but as an yuang coach more or less can be discussed .
Also his ,,right hand" is a Sinisha Mihaijlovic- the other ,,half team" player in the short past .
Both of them can shows to the every one of the players perfect some details of the game.
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