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With Mr Rooney absent for the recent defeat against City and Mr Tevez running
himself into the ground week after week, add to this the fact that Vidic although
not lacking in effort last Sunday is not really cut out to be a striker, and you
would be right in assuming that right now we are not too well endowed in the
striker department.

Danny Welbeck may/may not get a chance to show us what he is made of in the
Cup tie with Les Arse. Apart from Rooney, Tevez and Welbeck we do have Saha
but how long will he stay on his feet before making a swift exit stage left for the
treatment room again !!

All this worry has forced Fergie to re-apply for a work permit for Manucho. After
shining like a bright star in the recent ACN how we could do with him right now.
That was not possible due to the problems with governmental paperwork etc etc.

I've been praying for us to buy a striker for some time now.

But it might be unnecessary. Maybe Fergie has seen in Welbeck and Manucho two
guys who will solve the problem already.

Surely this is not good news for Louis though …

Welbeck, Manucho, Saha … ?

What will happen over the next 6 months I wonder …
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