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VDS - Still one more year to be greater than peter
Kuschak - not sure will be good as VDS or not
Ben foster - Coming good
Amos - too young for the team

evans - maybe sub for some CD
Brown - great replaacement for nev. since last season as u can c
Rio - great commitment to the club 10/10 united till death!
Vida - serbinator, no one could pass him!
Evra - best LB of course in europe maybe world

Hargreaves - if not injured garunteed first 11
scholes - lets see, his form is good but age is too high
carrick - good cross, can take ronnie replacement of penalty =p
anderson - good Attacking Midfield, garunteed first 11
martins - great replacement for ronnie too, if qualified for the first team by boss
ronaldo - should stay, if he moves he's dumb dumb
nani - good replacement for ronnie, and switch wit giggsy if benched or first 11
park - if not injured, good replacement for ronnie if he's leaving
giggsy - might get some chances if on bad form, if good , first 11 garunteed

rooney - getting better and better, future world class
tevez - great body mass! (my idol)
saha - he will be better if he's not injured AGAIN
berbatov - great addition
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