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We Got Game 213 Vs 291 Spankchester Utd Spankchester Utd win by 78pts
Red Blood 261 Vs 230 Rampant Irish Red blood win by 31pts

Rampant Irish--------------------230pts
Bootroom Boys--------Razz1979------35pts
Cappys Little Gentlemen-------Cappy----------46ptsCaptain x 2 = 92pts
Jazz's Army-------Jazz16----------52pts
Ritesh MUFC------Ritesh MU------16pts

Jazz next weeks Captain, he scored the most points

Red Blood-----------------------261pts
Fc United-------Jerrakos---------33pts
Boomhauer 50--------Boomhauer-----61pts
Zense United-------Zense United---10pts
Budweiser IX------Andersons Left Foot---25pts
Cjl Sufcfan fc-------Cjl Sufcfan--------67pts Captain x 2 = 132

Cjl Sufcfan is Captain next week

We Got Game-----------213pts
Windass for England-------Justice----29pts Captain x 2 = 58pts
Piazza Fc Seven-------Piazza----31pts
Mandela Fc-------Marty Davidson---34pts
EMM YOU EFF SEE-------Keano016----35pts
Slaves fc------Abojadeh----55pts

Abo is Capatin next week

Spankchester Utd-------291
United 4 Da Treble----16-Keano-16-----38pts Captain x 2 = 76pts
Jamventus fc-------VaVaVoom------62pts
Solskjaers Legends--------SolskjaerTheLegend---47pts
Antons Army--------Ajan----83pts

Ajan is Captain next week

Man Utd Talk Premier League Table
1 Spankchester Utd--------------6pts
2 We Got Game-------------------3pts
3 Redblood-------------------------3pts
4 Rampant Irish-------------------0pts

Last match
We Got Game Vs Spanchester Utd
Rampant Irish Vs Red Blood

Next match
Spankchester Utd Vs Rampant Irish
Red Blood Vs We got game

4,462 Posts
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cjl_safcfan said:
is there anyway i can be signed by a team?
Yeah cjl if we got you and 3 other players we can have it as 6 a side:p
il try get 3 more and the team in last place gets first choice on the 4 new players.
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