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This is amazing really...we used to have such an error prone defence...slivestre and brown did lack concentration at crucial times in the game and rio too at times as well and o'shea was like average (maybe still is but his versitility is awsome) and we used to concede quite a fair bit and also we used to lose important games we should have in the bag in the EPL like 1-0 vs pompey or 1-0 vs wolves because of defensive mistakes which in the long run cost us the EPL title imo...the defence as long as the goalkeeping was a huge task which Fergie had to improve and he has finally done it and the stats prove that! They are solid, consistant, and don't concede stupid goals and that is why we will do the double and win the EPL and CL! Remember the best form of attack is to defend well and that is what we are doing...if we conceded stupid goals the attackers will lose confidence whereas when the keeper makes a crucial save late in the encourages the attackers

Red Devil said:
This defensive record is with the likes of Kusczak in goal I would remind people. A few fans wanted him out at the beginning and during the season. Not bad eh?
Kusczak is wonderful cover for VDS and Foster is another brilliant talent which is very good to see...Kusczak's refelxes is amazing and I will always remember that penalty save on his debut vs Arsenal! :D
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