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Marek Hamsik

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Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson is pondering a bid for Napoli midfielder Marek Hamsik.

The People says United must decide whether to up a £12m bid for Napoli's 20-year-old Slovak midfielder.

The Red Devils are facing competition from AC Milan and Real Madrid.

Should we buy this youngster?
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We don't exactly need him. We just got Anderson this summer, and he's more than capable of doing the job. Buying him won't do any harm, but I doubt Hamsik would would play second fiddle to another player. He's a great talent though, no doubt.
nah min, weve got anderson, scholes, carrick, hargo, fletch. no need, no need chance of us buying this lad but we may have been linked with him for perhaps a day at some stage in his life...
never heard of him, but im sure weve already got enough players of his ability or better than him already.
Ive seen Marek Hamsik in two league games and tonight in a cup game in a short time and I must say I really liked what Ive seen of him.

At the moment he seems to be filled with confidence and his games have been great and he have been creative and he got the eye for the game. Its amazing to hear he's just 21. He's already a key player in the 3rd placed team in Serie A (just one point after Inter in the top).
If he continue like this I wouldnt mind watching him play for us.

And Lavezzi is also an interesting player. He looks more fit this year and he too have the rep of the next Maradona.
God our midfields gonna be full, what with Xavi and Hamsik.


EDIT: And Witsel, who I've just seen.
we dont need him at all, great talent has been tearing it up over at napoli but why just spend money on a player who would be surplus requirements at old traffod. if we really need a replacement for hargo, lets just give possebon or gibson a shot at the midfield.
He's a key factor in Napoli's good form this season. Also somebody is usually talking about him when I watch Sere A highlights.
i had never heard of him so i just looked him up on you tube and the guys fantastic , he would walk into utds side and looks really strong with a great eye for goal . the only draw back is he would cost over 25 million by my judgement , but i would buy him because he is our missing ingredient a central midfielder who posse's a real goal threat ,most of utds cm are not a goal threat in most games , they hardly get a shot on target ,we need somebody in there who can score 12-15 a season and hamsik could achieve this .
NoxiousD said:
Why are people bumping year old threads :mad: :mad: :mad:
Why starting a new one of the same player? :confused:
spellbound said:
Why starting a new one of the same player? :confused:
But he hasnt been linked with anywhere this year
NoxiousD said:
But he hasnt been linked with anywhere this year
So I should start a new thread about the very same player just because no one have seen him being linked in the tabloids or at any website with any club and I think he's a great player who have impressed me a lot in the last few games and should be ready for bigger clubs. Maybe even ready to come to United?
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