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Can anyone hear believe he wants to sell Elano? Think of this with all the cash he has, first he sells a genuine class player...

Then instead of going for a proven world class striker he want to bring Santa Cruz. No disrespect to Cruz, he a fantastic player.

However if City want to play with the big boys, Santa Cruz may not be enough firepower. Anyone else agree?

He should be going for ultra high profile. Adriano is definitely someone who plays for money & prestige.

He's out of sorts & he'd follow the cash. Podolski is another want away & a good one.

Balotelli, Mourinho seems to be striking sparks with both him & Adriano. Michael Owen.

Even the likes of David Suazo, Benfica as of present or Iaquinta could bring some class to City, if such a thing is possible. :)

Sorry, Hughesy, looks like you're skating on thin ice with remarkably sharp skates.
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