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England matches televised live on the BBC
can only mean one thing, classic quotes
from everyone's favourite scouse git ...
Mark Lawrenson ... :rolleyes:

He is often a fountain of ridiculous quotes.

His one liners come courtesy of Freddie
Star and his hair looks like he goes out
with an extra from Life from Mars.

When Steven Gerrard was announced as
the man of the match, Lawrenson erupted,
utterly perplexed at the decision.

“Who actually picks the man of the match
award ?†he asked.

John Motson then informed him that the
voting process was done online allowing
millions of England fans to cast their vote.

Lawro's response to the modern day
technology that allows millions of fans to
have their say was classic.

“Geeks†he replied.

Is it just me or does anyone else find this guy an annoying little ....... :eek:

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I hate him, can't stand him.

Although i hate more or less all of the BBC pundits. Hansen, Linekar etc then the ex-players they get are also all annoying (except Schmiechel)

Really i just don't like the BBC much.
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