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Young fans like myself hear about how great are the charltons and the laws. They read stories about how great Bestie and Macari were. But defenders often go unnoticed, and Martin Buchan was one of the best of his time.

Born on the 6th of March 1949 in Aberdeen. He started his career at Aberdeen in 1966 and three years later he was already the deens captain at the age of 20. In 1970 he made history. He was the youngest captain to lead a team to win the scottish cup. He continued his development at aberdeen but with him winning scottish player of the year award in 1971, interest from the likes of United and Liverpool was begining to get more serious.

In March 1972 at the age of 23, Buchan transfered to United for 125,000 pounds, a club record at the time. The standard of the team wasn't that great at the time, and with that Martin Struggled in his early days. Two years into his United career and he found himself playing in the second division.“I wasn't happy about relegation, but I decided to stay and help the club back into the First Divisionâ€. He did just that. And in 1977 he bacame the first player to captain both Fa cup and Scottish cup winning teams helping United beat Liverpool in the FA cup final.

The captain of Manchester United for six years. Martin Buchan was a classy defender. A true leader. Strong, reliable and fast. He had bags of pace. Many people see a bit of Martin Buchan in Rio Ferdinand. No body beat him for pace. He moved to Oldham after he made 458 apperances for United in which he scored 4 goals. He retired from football a year later.

He made 34 apperances for Scotland including the 1974 and 1978 world cups. After his playing career he tried his luck at management. He loved the game too much to walk away from it. He took up the managerial position at Burnley in '85 but resigned from it four months later. After that experience he never managed again.

-Stats playing for United :

1971-1972 Played 13 Scored 1 goal (Division 1)
1972-1973 Played 42 Scored 0 goals (Division 1)
1973-1974 Played 42 Scored 0 goals (Division 1)
1974-1975 Played 41 Scored 0 goals (Division 2)
1975-1976 Played 42 Scored 0 goals (Division 1)
1976-1977 Played 33 Scored 0 goals (Division 1)
1977-1978 Played 28 Scored 1 goal (Division 1)
1978-1979 Played 37 Scored 2 goals (Division 1)
1979-1980 Played 42 Scored 0 goals (Division 1)
1980-1981 Played 26 Scored 0 goals (Division 1)
1981-1982 Played 27 Scored 0 goals (Division 1)
1982-1983 Played 3 Scored 0 goals (Division 1)
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