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Jol: Spurs admit mistakes
Tottenham director Sir Keith Mills has conceded Martin Jol's sacking could have been handled better.

The Dutch tactician was given his marching orders last week following defeats to Newcastle United and Getafe.

However, rumours of unrest at the club had been ongoing for months with Juande Ramos constantly linked with the post.

The Spaniard finally assumed control of first-team affairs this week and Mills has admitted Spurs did make mistakes along the way.

"Yes, I'm sure it could have been handled better," he admitted to Sky Sports News.

"Obviously the media coverage we've had over the past few months hasn't been helpful.

"When you transition a member of a sports team it's always very difficult. You just don't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.

"We needed to make some changes. They've been made and now we're moving forward.

"I think we're all optimistic the last two months are behind us and we're looking forward to an improvement in results."

No pressure

Meanwhile, Mills has stated there are no expectations on the new management team, although ultimately trophies are the long-term goal.

Damn right....It was handled disgracefully..
Jol served that club for many years and even mentioning the media as being the reason is a joke..
Shame on the Spurs board for treated a world class manager and a gentleman in this fashion...

And now the board have come out and said there is No Pressure on the new management team.......

Martin Jol....was expected to...

1. Get Spurs into the top 4 clubs in England or make it a top 5...
2. Qualify for the CL and at the very least the Uefa cup...etc.

I only hope Jol that the rest of Jol's career is a success and that he is treated with some respect by his future club/s...

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im pretty sure that if the chairman just bavcked off and calmed himself down......Jol would of fixed whatever the problem at spurs atm is and got then in to the top 7 ATLEAST

but no.....cos Levy's a ***.
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