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I thought maybe it would be a good idea to have a 'ratings thread' after everygame to discuss the performances of the players, anyway here's my ratings:

Van Der Sar:

Didn't really have much to do in terms of saves, but his distribution was good as usual. One thing I noticed was when Rafael did a dodgy back pass just after he came on VDS shouted encouragement to him which seemed to lift Rafael after a slow first few minutes. Its hard to give him a high rating because like I said he didn't have much to do. 6

Wes Brown:

I thought he was quite good, although again he didn't have much to do as Juve attacked through the middle a lot. 6

Rio Ferdinand:

He did quite well against an on form Del Piero, did a couple of hard tackles and as usualy makes the game look very easy. Typical Rio. 7

Nemanja Vidic:

Similar to Rio, very little got past him and he showed again how much of a beast in the air he is. Him and Rio got caought out a few times but thats to be expected when your not 100% fit and facng a team like Juve. 7

Patrice Evra:

Is it me or has his leap got even bigger than last season? Looked very lively, defended well and looks very dangerous going forward at the moment. BLBITW.

Darren Fletcher:

Decent game, but he was out of position. Has anyone noticed how this pre season he seems to use the outside of his boot more ofted? He did the simple things well but he lacked any real quality IMO. Needs to play CM for his game to work properly. 6


I like O'Shea but he really isn't a CM. He didn't do anything wrong its just that today showed that he is very limited. He did ok going forward though, without causing any problems for Juve. I don't like him with Scholes as it leaves only 1 player to try and dictate the tempo. 5

Paul Scholes

His passing was a bit off today IMO. atleast 4 times he seemd to pass the ball to space - very un-scholes like. He ipmproved once Rodrigo came in though as he had another 'ball player' in the centre. You can't really expect him to control a team like Juve single handedly. 6.5

Lee Martin:

Not good enough IMO. he looks flashy with his tape and boots, but in reality he can't take people on, can't cross, can't pass etc. I think he is OVERrated if I'm being honest. Heshould have had a penalty so I suppose that helps him but again his lack of genuine quality let him down. Eagles was better. 5

Ryan Giggs:

He tried really hard to try and make something happen, but nothing came off for him. I guess he got bored of tearing Juventus apart. I think again he showed why is isn't a CF/ST, he looked one of the most likely players to make something happen and was always somewat of a threat to the defence. 6

Carlos Tevez

I swear he has been taken out more times this pre season than anyone else in history. He was his usual self, very busy harrasing the defenders and was our most dangerous player in the first half. He looked tired I thought, maybe its because he's played so many pre season games. 7



Meh. Didn't really contribute much. I found myself more concerned with the fact that he could bring Rafael into play than his own performance. He's so slow its unbelievable aswell. Not gonna make it unfortunately which is a shame as a few years ago he was brilliant in the reserves/youth teams. 5


Didn't really do anything of note, although he is/was always a danger with his pace. Today highlighted that he needs to improve his alround game if he wants to play for us proper. 5


Decent. He looked a bit rusty and his passing was off but its good to see him play this pre season after his injury problems. He got in some good attacking positions and hopefully he'll regain that half a yard of pace he seems to have lost. 5


Rodrigo I thought was very good. He will be overshadowed by Rafael unfortunately but I thought he looked very good with the ball and he has bulked up a fair bit. IMO he is incredibly similar to Carrick in terms of style, except he is more mobile. If he can improve his positioning then I think he has a genuine chance of being good enough for a starting place in a few years. Definate improvement on O'Shea in the middle for me. 7



Lol no Yet again he was brilliant. bombing down the wing like a bullet then chansing all the way back. I found myself focusing on him and forgetting about the rest of the players lol.I am really excited about him and if he plays against Portsmouth and impresses just as much as he did today and on Monday then I genuinly think he has a case for being atleast in the squad vs Newcastle, you may say "your getting carried away", and I most probably am, but I just think that if a player who has played 120 minutes in 1 year can peform like that not only against Peterborough, but a MUCH stronger team in Juventus then he could be the 'schock' of the season. 8.5

Team as a whole:

No one really stood out for me except for the Brazillian kids, so its hard for me to say weather we played well or not. If I want to be nit-picky then I was slightly dissapointed that Fabio didn't play though.

Fire away with your ratings....:)

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Nice thread. i was wondering why it took you so long but now I now why lol
Extensive work there The Manc.

Ill copy and paste mine cos I cant be ****ed writing it again:
VDS- looked sharp but wasnt that busy 7

Brown- usual solid game. Played a half 7
Rio- Played a great game. Solid and fast 8
Vidic- Got stuck in. Always gets a kick in the head 8
Evra- Usual self rampaging up the left 7

Fletch- Wasnt too bad. Got about the pitch well 6
O'Shea- Impressive first half. Got forward well 7
Scholes- 4 uncharacteristic bad passes. Good pre season tho 6
Martin- Got about well but doesnt look the real deal 6

Tevez- usual dogged self. Looked creative but got no support 7
Giggs- Few nice touches but also a few bad passes 6

Rafael- Lmao. This kid was amazing. Confidence, got into scoring positions,
tackles, great cross. This kid definitely looks the real deal. Bright future and
might even play some games this season. He looks very exciting going forward. 9
Gibson- worked hard-Doesnt cut it for me though 6
Silvestre- bit rusty coming on but did ok up the left 6
Frazier-Showed his pace but can he make it? I have my doubts 6
Evans- looks a class act. Bulked up a bit too. 6
Rodrigo- comfortable and classy 7

Positives-Rafael, Rodrigo, defence, nice for the fans to see the trophies.

Negatives-Lack of a proper centre forward is evident and worrying.
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