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lol Marty.

Boro 2 Liverpool 0 - post match thread

That's that for another year then. Mancs on 18 which is absolutely sickening and we have a battle for second on our hands now.

This is not a knee-jerk reaction, I will always support us to the very end but even the most optimistic supporter will surely concede now.

Too many players today not looking arsed and again, highlights the fact that we need to bring in a couple of players of Gerrard, Torres type quality that can help us win a game. Whether we will have the funds or not in the summer to do that is a discussion for another thread.

If we can't/don't do that we are going to require more of what we had in the first half of the season, more determination and more luck to win it next year.
Well title over but let me just say this - the STYLE of football we are playing is good. We just lack a few players. Awful, awful result today but before anyone says it, the problem is not the manager. It's the players we have. We don't have the strength in depth yet. We need a few more signings and for the manager to be backed this time in the summer.

Quite depressing. Time to think about the CL now. We came closer this season than we ever have, and it's definitely a step in the right direction.
worst display I have seen in absolutely years, cannot find a single positive from that. Only one thing to say about it; Rafa got the tactics completely wrong. Tempted to rant but I'll let others get banned, I'm off to kick the cat.
Well…..Rafa got it wrong. We were very poor.

On the plus side, Lucas has got a new haircut.

League gone now. C’mon Chelsea. ABMU
At least we have our health.
The idea that we’re ‘one player away’ from challenging is ‘laughable’. We need to bring in at least 2 or 3 top class players in the summer, if not 3 or 4.

What was disappointing was how little heart our players show, some of them are playing for their Liverpool careers but don’t seem to care. The simple truth is a lot of them are not good enough.

Gutting, but the season isn’t over
Liverpool 18 - 18 Manchester United

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It's a pity Wigan couldn't hold on, but it's great anyway. A Cup win tomorrow and this will be a fantastic weekend. :D

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Liverpool will finish third now. They don't have the squad strength that Chelsea have. If we win at Newcastle then the league is all but ours. Great result today, only soured by Lampard's injury time winner for Chelsea.
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