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The midfield maestro Hernanes, playing for Sao Paulo in Brazil have being out on loan. Hernanes is playing a key role in Sao Paulo's season. This lad is the next big thing for Brazil and it won't be long before Europe comes calling for this lad.

I got a little tip off concerning 'Hernanes' from a reliable Brazilian mate, Nani celebration, special goal against Cruzeiro! - goal against Cruz! - Against Vasco Da Gama

NAME: Anderson Hernanes de Carvalho Andrade
POSITION: Midfielder
HEIGHT: 1,80 m
BIRTHDAY: 29/05/1985
STATE: Pernambuco
LAST CLUB : E.C. Santo André

Sports History (Year and Clubs for which he played)

1999 - Unibol Pernambuco F.C.
2001 - São Paulo F.C.
2006 - E.C. Santo André
2007 - São Paulo F.C.

Main Titles
2002 - Copa Zico - Juvenil

Notice his first name!! HAHA!


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Oh Yeah seen this foo" play ....... too bad he play for sao paulo cuz i hate sao paulos just like manutd hate liverpool/citeh .... him joining united will unite him and me!!!! but yeah he's good

Oh BTW... i rather have RENATO AUGUSTO!!!!
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