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Preferred Midfield Pairing

  • Scholes & Anderson

    Votes: 4 7.5%
  • Scholes & Carrick

    Votes: 5 9.4%
  • Scholes & Hargreaves

    Votes: 4 7.5%
  • Scholes & Fletcher

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Anderson & Carrick

    Votes: 22 41.5%
  • Anderson & Hargreaves

    Votes: 16 30.2%
  • Anderson & Fletcher

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Carrick & Hargreaves

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Carrick & Fletcher

    Votes: 1 1.9%
  • Hargreaves & Fletcher

    Votes: 1 1.9%
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Fergie has a big problem, albeit a lovely problem to have.
Who shall he unleash in the engine room over the coming
months. The Ginger Prince Scholes is back playing after his
operation though not firing on all cylinders yet.

Fergie brought in Hargreaves presumably for his European
experience and his talent of protecting the Back 4.
Most fans thought he would be an automatic choice.

We also have Carrick who was wonderful last season
and was a great help in bringing our trophy back.
He has come in for some criticism at the start of this season
but is back performing exceptionally in recent weeks.

Then comes the new boy Anderson, who wasn't expected
to feature much this season but has been nothing short
of a revelation. His energy and quality make him hard to be

Then there's the forgotten man Fletcher, who came back in
against Arsenal and played like a man possessed.
He let loose that day and proved to Fergie and fans alike
that he is here to fight for his place in the team.

We have all five of these players fit and ready but what
should Fergie do? Will he start to rotate like Benitez?
Should he base it on the next game depending on who
our opponents are? Should he go with who is looking
sharp in training? What are your thoughts on the
central midfield positions and who would you pair up?

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fletch did his job, and carrick was very comfortable beside him, as much as i like this pairing, i dun think fergie will keep it for the next game, scholes might come in, and carrick shld keep his place. prepare hargreaves and anderson for the european game.

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Fergie knows how to handle the players and players like Fletcher and Carrick
know that Hargreaves is almost always going to be preferred to them in Europe.
But the most important thing is that the players all seem happy and that is crucial
to me.

I'd love to see the following midfield in the game this weekend against Fulham:


Fletcher: Produced an inspiring display against Arsenal and reminded
everyone, "Hey, I'm still here and fighting for a starting position!" Terrific attitude
and fully deserving of all his recent praise

Anderson: This guy could really become a huge star in the future. He's adapted to
the United team and the English team like a fish to water. He's full of confidence and when
he gets that first goal, he'll really kick on, in my opinion.

Scholes: Some people say his playing days are over, but he's still one of the best
passers of the ball and he really can dictate the tempo of the game. How can
someone of his quality be overlooked? Perhaps, he won't feature in Europe as
much as Rooney or Ronaldo but believe me, he's vital to our success in the
Premier League. Games against the Villa's, Reading's, Blackburn's, etc.... need
someone of his experience to propel the team on

Ronaldo: What do I say? He's almost guaranteed to start every game. He's a
match winner and when he chips are down, he can lift you out of trouble,
although, questions still remain over his tendency to under perform against the
really top teams in England and Europe.

And I haven't even got onto, Giggsy, Hargreaves, Carrick, Park, Nani or Eagles!

The midfield department is no cause for concern in the near future, to me anyway.

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cant believe anderson and carrick are gettin the vote on surely its scholesy and the tampon hargreaves , even tho they've never had a run in the team together i'd expect they'd be the most experienced and balanced midfield pairing not just at united but one in the world!

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I think the odvious midfield at the moment is nani , carrick , anderson , ronaldo but how it differs from liverpool is that we have quality throughout where as they have some poor players who wouldnt even make our bench . You look at park, hargreaves , scholes , giggs , fletcher bang into that j o shea and you have a freighting aray of talent all hungry for action . It aint all amazing though i think if we paired nani , fletcher , oshea , park we'd be in the shit but as a squad player your a fill gap when called upon you could take any of the above put it with ronaldo , scholes , anderson , giggs , carrick , hargreaves and they do a good job . So its a good problem in my eyes my real worry is rio and vidic were is there cover wes would have to switch back and j o shea or simpson would have to come in pique is injured so he's out there s no silvestre or neville i think fergie should of brought a right back in even if it was a loan to cover wes .

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I agree with those that say that selection should be based on your last performance.

There should be incentive for players to keep their place in the side and those that are waiting in the wings to prepare well and step up when given an opportunity.

Rotating players just DOSN'T WORK!!! That has been proven in almost every team sport...continuity is king!. It dosn't matter how strong your squad is!!

My Midfield would be:


Giggs for his experience
Scholes and Hargraves cause I think they compliement each other. Hargraves with his Defensive qualities and Scholes with his attacking prowess...and obviously Ronny.

Nani and Anderson will be future stars at United but at this early stage in their careers, I beileve they should remain quailty backups with the odd start.

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I think it depends on the team.

If were talking about Lyon, were gonna want to be good in defence as well as attack. so id go for Hargo and Carrick.

But lets say were facing Dearby, a team we dont need to defend alot against and a team we can use a good attack against so we can have a goals galore. i think we can use Anderson and Scholes or Anderson and Carrick depending on how we want to break through defence.

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i think in terms of who should be playin for the rest of this season i think the best 2 in midfield are hargo and anderson, they compliment each other brilliantly. Hargo had a shocker against lyon but he hasnt hardly played in recent weeks for some reason, maybe still not fully fit?

however in recent weeks carrick is looking VERY sharp and fresh, maybe its because he hasnt played many games this season and now wants to cement his spot in the team for the final strech.

I think on current form carrick plays but if i had to pick 2 to play against fulham, it would be either scholes and carrick as a pair or anderson and hargo the way, i voted anderson and hargo, i think over the course of the season so far, they have been the best in terms of consistancy as a pair when they played

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i think that fergie will pick


and bring scholes on in the 60th minuet or so..... just so he find his feet again then i think scholsey will feature regulary, also wouldnt be so bad if he benched gigs and played nani on the left either that play a 5 man midfield and rooney as a lone striker, after all only playing fulham :D

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You have to pick players in form for the big games and at the moment that's Anderson and Carrick.

However, I've voted for Scholes and Hargreaves because when they are both on top form I believe they are our best central midfield pairing.

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reddwarf said:
You have to pick players in form for the big games and at the moment that's Anderson and Carrick.

However, I've voted for Scholes and Hargreaves because when they are both on top form I believe they are our best central midfield pairing.
Same as myself, i have gone for Scholes and Hargo.
I guess with the amount of games coming up, there will
be a certain amount of rotating to keep the players fresh
and on their toes. With so many options at our disposal
it sure makes for exciting times. If Fergie changes the
midfield 2 EVERY game, it wont bother me one bit:
that is if we win every game. Its a tough job for Fergie
to pick the right 2 for each game but there is no better
man for the job.

My second option would be Scholes & Carrick,
they were excellent last season and proved that
duo were capable of winning the Prem.

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Anderson & Carrick in the centre.....for me...
Hargreaves heat the bench and make a sub for Mr. Carrick.....
Ronaldo and Giggs for this season but I want Nani to be his long term replacement for Ryan Giggs......Oh...God Please Make This Happen........

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