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Mido: Racist Abuse ... !!!!

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Here is Gareth Southgates remarks on the racist abuse
Mido was given in the game recently in
the link below to watch this.

I have this to say -

Maybe some times when people make these remarks they
dont mean to be nasty and spiteful.......maybe for them this
is a funny remark or whatever.

I can tell you straight it is NOT funny and is never a bit
of fun either - not for the victim !!!!

On here someone tell me I am a gyppo and a Romanian
immigrant !!! I know now they make fun and they just
try to be funny so it is all OK now. But when I read this
it hurts very much you know.

Sometimes in my life I get remarks people make about
how Romanians cant be in this country and we should all
go home to our own country.

Silly stupid comments and they dont think anything about
this......but for us the victims you dont know how much it
hurts for things to be said like this !!!

I have known poverty the likes of which none of you will
ever see.... never mind suffer !!! Have you ever been
hungry and have no money for anything ? No because your
government is a rich government and they give you
money if you do nothing - if you dont work you are OK.

In my country if you dont work you starve - simple !!

..........and there is no work !!!

We dont want or need pity........we just need a chance to
help ourselves and to be left in peace and we will help
ourself out of the problems.

...............So we come to UK and many place in Europe to find
work to get money - and we send money home to family
to make life nice for them too. We dont want anything
we dont earn you know.....and we pay taxes and council
tax like everyone else. Usually people from Romania and
Poland get the sh*t jobs too - and they are paid less
for doing it because they know we are desperate people !

I work hard and study too - now I get degree (ACCA) and
I can have nice job now. So I am lucky girl, very lucky.

99.99% of us dont WANT to be here =- we are not here
to take anything from the UK - we are here because we need
to live - we are desperate !!

You may notice Polish and Romanians always stay seperate
from everyone else....they mix among themselves always...
This is because of the racist abuse we get and the nasty
comments people make.

We just want to work hard and make some money to feed
our families back home this is all. So next time you see a
Polish person or someone from Romania dont be nasty and
cruel to them - go and say hi.....they are lovely people and will
give you their last penny if you need this more than them.

They will be best friend you ever have too - very loyal no matter
what !!!!

Anyway I say my piece for this now - I hope people make some
effort to cut out racism and to get along together.....we are all
human beings at the end of the day.....we are not all that
different from one another !!!!

..........and racism in sport needs to be stopped make UK
look very, very bad to the rest of the world !!!

Here is Video.........
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I was infuriated when I heard this news. It really hurts me, because this is a dig at one of my countrymen and how people now a days say that all Arabs are terrorists. Really disgraceful behavior it is.

Good old fashion football banter is one thing but to make racist comments, you deserve a more drastic punishment, fan, player or staff.
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