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Mikael Silvestre

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Great servant or dead weight?

We bought him off Inter just after the Treble in 1999.
So he is starting his 10th season with us :eek: , which will mean
he will be eligible for a testimonial.

He has been the butt of a lot of jokes over the years and he wouldnt
particularly be a fans favourite but I kinda like the guy. Over 360 apps
for United is a great accomplishment and who can forget the 2 goals
against the Scousers?

He had a terrible injury last season, which meant he missed the entire
campaign but since his return he has looked very sharp in the reserve/
pre season games he has played.

I believe this guy can definitely do the job. he is great back up for Evra
and we can even use him at centre back if needs be.

So do you think he deserves a place in the squad? or should we just sell him on?
Discuss the man that is Mikael Silvestre.....

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Theres no doubt in my mind that we should keep him.

As much as I don't rate him at CB, I think hes a great LB. Hes quick, has a great cross, strong in the tackle and defends well when he plays at LB.

Hes been great since he came back, especially against Chelsea. We might have lost but I think he was only beaten once.

His attitude is top notch. Hes been a top player for us and a great servant.
thekeanefella said:
i cant understand all the negative comments about silvestre, fergie rates him otherwise he wouldnt be starting into his 10th season and not many foreign players show such loyalty to their paymasters.

silvestre has been a fine player for us over the years fair enough he makes the odd mistake which is something all players do including rio , vidic , evra , brown , gary neville and even the ever consistent denis irwin made mistakes.

i believe with evra now the clubs no1 LB and his exceptional form he has clouded peoples judgment of silvestre.

wise up lads he has been a wonderfull servant for the club.

show some appreciation.

I showed my appreciation and praised him :cool: :)
thekeanefella said:
i know you appreciate him like many other sensible fans, i just hate to see a fella being bashed like that, some people on this forum havent a clue. read some of the earlier posts ( im sure you have) its ridiculous the comments and opinions of some of the geniuses.

rant over.
I absolutely agree.

Hes been a great servant and a great player for us over the years, and I gotta say, anyone who can't see that and admit that are a bit, well, wrong! :p

Its not just with Silvestre either at times. But I won't go any further either :p
-zuco- said:
It was a shoulder injury very similar to that which Vidic suffered.

I've never heard of a shoulder injury forcing a player to retire.
It wasn't a shoulder injury last season. That was the end of the season before.

Last season was a cruciate ligament injury.
-zuco- said:

Was drunk last night

He still looked sharp in the games since his return though.

He did. I agreed with you.

The only thing I didn't agree with was you saying he had a shoulder injury ;) :p
Thing is, who do people want as back-up to Evra?

World Class players, like Lahm for example (despite his awful defending in the final :p) aren't going to come as Evras no 2.

Silvestre is a great left-back, strong in the tackle, good defensively at LB, quick, great crossing, and hes willing to stay and fight for his place. I wouldn't actually replace him for anyone in all honesty.
I'm not too sure whether he'll go tbh.

I don't think we'll let him go on loan. As I've said before, hes great as a LB, and is great, reliable cover for Evra.

I'd keep Silvestre for this season, then when his contracts up next year, let him find another club to finish his career with, then let Fabio compete with Evra for the LB spot.

I think thats our best option. However, if Silvestre REALLY wants to go, then we should show him enough respect and let him.
1 - 7 of 49 Posts
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