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Mikael Silvestre

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Great servant or dead weight?

We bought him off Inter just after the Treble in 1999.
So he is starting his 10th season with us :eek: , which will mean
he will be eligible for a testimonial.

He has been the butt of a lot of jokes over the years and he wouldnt
particularly be a fans favourite but I kinda like the guy. Over 360 apps
for United is a great accomplishment and who can forget the 2 goals
against the Scousers?

He had a terrible injury last season, which meant he missed the entire
campaign but since his return he has looked very sharp in the reserve/
pre season games he has played.

I believe this guy can definitely do the job. he is great back up for Evra
and we can even use him at centre back if needs be.

So do you think he deserves a place in the squad? or should we just sell him on?
Discuss the man that is Mikael Silvestre.....

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Silvestre has always been one of the good players playing for United. Defenders make mistakes some of the time, Brown does it, Rio has a few. The thing about him is he makes mistakes once in a while that look like a big blunder and everyone gets on his back
I think he has been great for us in all the years he has performed at OT, but i would doubt he will stay longer.
1 - 1 of 49 Posts
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