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Stephen said:
What I think.


That Fergie and united never wanted to bring in an outsider, because no-one would have it unless they got guarantee of having the top job when Ferie retires.
Also part of the reason CQ left.

So, with Phelan there, he won't want, or even be offered, the top job.

When Fergie finally retires, an external manager will be brought in, without looking at Phelan getting promoted.

Absolutely spot on!

The only question, if it was smart short term move.

I see Fergie talking more to Meulensteen than Phelan and Phelan doesn't look to have the confidence to bark orders at the stars....yet.

Let's hope this changes soon.

Everybody can use a rollicking or encouragement once in a while.

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RedMurph7 said:
I fail to see where these facts you have come from. Do you regularly talk to the
players and they tell you they don't listen to him? Or are you a fly on the wall in
the dressing room listening to his crap ideas and lack of flair? Just because he's
not jumping up and down on the sideline doesn't mean he's not a good assistant!
Carlos was probably the best assistant in world football or least up there near
the top so whoever replaced him had massive boots to fill. I don't see any
massive problems with us that can be blamed on Mike Phealan so i dont
understand you calling him *****.

Well said.

This is one of my gripes too, whenever someone seems to know
what orders Fergie is giving the players.

We have a lot of insiders here ;)

BTW welcome back!

Where the hell have you been?
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