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Milan after Rossi

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Ac Milan have reportedly made a £7.5 million bid for our own Giuseppe Rossi. Do we want to let him go?
NOW Fiorentina have made an unknow bid for Rossi, Your view?
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Nirk said:
Ac Milan have reportedly made a £7.5 million bid for our own Giuseppe Rossi. Do we want to let him go?
no keep him hes obviously quality as a club like milan who along with united and barca are the 3 best teams in the world, are interested in him. he just needs time!
wahmeiman said:
keep smith saha is injured most games anyway we should get michael owen
sahas injured most games- so we go get owen???

Smith was useless today. i respect him but hes just not good enough.

rossi has good potential.

(owen:D )
paddy's jumpers said:
I was concerned when I heard we were tryign to sign Tevez in case that meant Rossi would leave, Giuseppe is one of the outstanding prospects in the game imho, if he leaves i will be gutted as I see a very bright future for him at Utd.

Thomas, do you really think Rossi is too small? He is no smaller and lighter than a certain skinny kid called Ryan Giggs was in the mid 90s, and looks how he's done! Denis Law was probably smaller than Rossi and played in an era when big Centre- halves like Tommy Smith, Norman Hunter, Jack Charlton, Ron Harris and Dave Mackay would kick you black and blue for fun. If you're good enough you're bgi enough, Lionel Messi is a midget but no-one is saying he is too small to be up front for Argentina and Barcelona and scoring goals. Folks in Italy are comparing Rossi to Alessandro Del Piero and I'm sure that's why Milan want him, SAF would be daft to let Rossi go. If Rossi does go, it must be because of an attitude problem or some other problem with Rossi, SAF would not let go a player who he thought was part of the club;s bright future unless there was such a problem.

As for him being a bad finisher, I think his finishing is one of his assets, he's a damn good finisher and will only get better.
rossi is smaller than giggs was and messi is
1 - 3 of 28 Posts
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